Sustainable Fiber Infinna™ from Recycled Textile Waste

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Discover how Infinited Fiber Company, a Finnish technology firm, is transforming the textile industry with its patented technology. Their innovative process turns textile waste into a high-quality, sustainable fiber called Infinna™, offering a circular alternative to conventional fibers and paving the way for a more sustainable future.


Infinited Fiber Company is a Finnish technology powerhouse that has developed a patented technology to create premium-quality textile fibers out of cellulose-rich textile waste that would otherwise be landfilled or burned. The result is a virgin-quality fiber with the natural look and feel of cotton, known as Infinna™.

The Technology

The technology developed by Infinited Fiber Company is groundbreaking in the field of textile-to-textile recycling. It takes piles of textile waste and transforms them into brand-new premium-quality fibers for the textile industry. The process involves cleaning the cotton-rich textile waste, removing synthetic fibers and dyes, and capturing the cellulose. The cellulose is then broken down at the molecular level, activated with urea, and dissolved to create a liquid cellulose. This liquid cellulose is wet-spun into new fiber filament and cut to staple length, washed, and dried. The result is regenerated cellulose carbamate staple fiber, or Infinna™.

The Product: Infinna™

Infinna™ is a unique, sustainable, and in-demand premium textile fiber that looks and feels almost like cotton and is as versatile. It has better dye uptake than cotton or viscose and has natural anti-microbial properties. It can be used at 100% or blended with other fibers. It has been tested and proven for production of yarn counts from Ne8 to Ne40 and can be spun at full speed and blended like any other fiber.


Infinna™ has been used in a range of fabrics, from soft single jersey and French terry to denim, shirting fabric, and beyond. It works wonderfully on its own and also blends beautifully with fibers like organic cotton and viscose. .

Partnerships and Future Plans

Infinited Fiber Company has collaborated with several leading fashion and textile brands, including H&M, BESTSELLER, Wrangler, and Patagonia. These brands view the technology as a viable, circular alternative to virgin cotton that takes them a step closer to responding to the mounting consumer demand for sustainable clothing and textiles.

The company is now working to build the first commercial-scale Infinna™ factory in Kemi, Finland, with a capacity of 30,000 metric tons of Infinna™ annually. The factory is set to start commercial deliveries in 2026.


Infinna™ is made 100% from textile waste that would otherwise have been burned or landfilled. It is a high-quality textile fiber with technical properties that enable it to be used to make durable, colorfast textile products that are designed to be used for a long time. Infinna™ is also biodegradable, contains no microplastics, and textiles made with it can be recycled alongside cotton-rich textile waste once they are worn out beyond repair and reuse.


Infinited Fiber Company’s technology and its product, Infinna™, represent a significant step towards a more sustainable and circular textile industry. By turning textile waste into high-quality fibers, the company is helping to reduce the industry’s reliance on virgin raw materials and contributing to a more sustainable future.