Important Properties of Flax Fibers

  • The fabric made from flax fibers is known as linen.
  • Flax fibers are longer than cotton; their fiber length may range from 30-50 cm. However, they may be cut into shorter lengths.
  • Flax fibers have slightly better luster than most of the cotton varieties.
  • Flax fibers are stronger than cotton. Their tenacity ranges from 27-65 g/tex
  • Flax fibers offer more resistance to sunlight as compared to cotton.
  • Linen is less prone to attack by moths, as compared to cotton fabrics.
  • Like cotton, flax fibers are not damaged by alkalis
  • Linen fabrics can bear higher ironing temperature as compared to cotton fabrics.
  • Flax fibers have very low extensibility. The elongation at break ranges from 2-5%.
  • Flax fibers are prone to severe creasing, unless treated with suitable finishing agents.
  • Standard moisture regain of flax fibers is around 12%.
  • Flax fibers have good water and perspiration absorbency, and they tend to dry quicker as compared to cotton.
  • Linen fabrics are cool to wear because linen, being a good conductor of heat, allows body heat to get across easily.
  • Linen fabrics do not soil easily because of smoother fiber surface. Even after soiling, the penetration of soil in the fiber is low and the soil release during washing is better.
  • Linen is weakened or damaged by acids, and more easily degraded by bleaching agents as compared to cotton.
  • Linen can be damaged by mildew.
  • Linen fabrics have poor dyeability as compared to cotton.
  • Like cotton, linen is highly flammable.

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