Important Properties of Cotton Fibers

  • Length of low grade short-staple cotton is less than 20 mm
  • Length of medium grade, medium-staple cotton ranges from 20-30 mm
  • Length of high grade, long staple cotton ranges from 30-65 mm
  • Cotton fibres do not have any natural luster except the Sea Island cotton
  • Cotton fibres have flat, twisted, ribbon-like structure
  • Cotton tenacity ranges from 20-45 g/tex.
  • Cotton tenacity may increase up to 25% when wet.
  • Standard moisture regain of cotton is around 8.5%.
  • Cotton fabrics can absorb water or perspiration quickly but they do not dry quickly
  • Cotton clothes are cool to wear because cotton, being a good conductor of heat, allows body heat to get across easily.
  • Cotton is not damaged by alkalis
  • Cotton is not very extensible. The elongation at break (EAB) of cotton ranges from 5-10%.
  • Cotton fabrics are prone to creasing unless treated with suitable finishing agents
  • Cotton fabrics have tendency to shrink, particularly in alkaline solutions
  • Cotton fabrics soil easily because of rough surface of cotton yarns
  • Cotton may be weakened or damaged by acidic solutions or hot concentrated bleaches
  • Cotton may also be attacked by mildew and moths
  • Cotton clothes are not as durable as those made from polyester or nylon
  • Cotton is highly flammable (LOI 18)

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