High Quality Yarn for Sustainable Towels


Meeting High Demands in Towel Manufacturing

Towel manufacturers face challenges in producing towels that meet diverse consumer and industrial expectations. They must be:

  • absorbent,
  • durable,
  • lint-free,
  • color-fast,
  • sustainable, and
  • require minimal chemicals.

The yarn quality directly influences the towel’s overall quality, with manufacturers needing cost-effective yarn that is strong, stretchable, and pilling-free.

Traditional Yarn Solutions Fall Short

Classic ring-spun yarns have dominated towel manufacturing but have drawbacks. Their production is complex and expensive due to the combing process required to eliminate short fibers and minimize pilling. Cheaper alternatives often result in fibers shedding over time, reducing durability and leaving towels thin and unappealing.

Belairo Yarn Offers a Superior, Sustainable Alternative

Belairo yarn, produced on the Autoairo air spinning machine, is a practical, affordable alternative to traditional combed ring-spun yarns. It utilizes a parallel core fiber structure, where short fibers are pneumatically removed, ensuring all usable fibers are optimally incorporated. This results in towels that:

  • Retain Their Shape: Even after multiple washes, Belairo towels maintain dimensional stability and resist warping.
  • Last Longer: They can last up to 10 times longer than traditional towels.
  • Are Lint-Free: Belairo’s low lint ensures towels stay intact through repeated use.

Unmatched Efficiency

Belairo yarns can be spun at speeds up to 400 meters per minute, providing 18 times the productivity of ring spinning. The faster they are produced, the better the quality:

  • 45% More Cost-Effective: High-speed production results in significant savings in energy, labor, and space.
  • Fewer Imperfections: Belairo has 80% fewer thin spots than weaving mill limits.

Enhanced Towel Quality

Belairo yarns offer:

  • Higher Absorbency: Due to the unique yarn structure, Belairo towels absorb more moisture and dry faster.
  • Pilling Resistance: Minimal pilling ensures the towels look better for longer.
  • Better Feel: Soft without chemical softeners, meeting consumer demand for non-toxic products.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Belairo’s sustainable production method results in:

  • Reduced Chemical Use: No need for chemical softeners, and less dye is required during the dyeing process.
  • Lower Environmental Impact: Fewer chemicals in finishing mean less wastewater pollution.


Belairo yarn represents a significant improvement in towel manufacturing. It aligns with market demands for quality, durability, and sustainability while delivering substantial cost savings. By combining high-speed production with unique fiber structures, it provides a towel that meets and exceeds consumer expectations. Adopting Belairo yarn for towel manufacturing can transform the market with towels that look better, last longer, and are produced more sustainably.