FiberColors by Archroma : Gorgeous colors from Textile Waste

fibercolors by archroma

Discover how FiberColors by Archroma can help you upcycle textile waste into gorgeous colors for your fashion collections.

Textile waste is a huge global problem that affects the environment and local communities. Every year, 92 million tons of textile waste is produced, and most of it ends up in landfills. This causes land and water pollution, and wastes natural resources. But what if you could turn this waste into something valuable and beautiful?

That’s exactly what Archroma, a Swiss specialty chemicals company that creates colors for fashion, has done with its innovative FiberColors technology. FiberColors are a patent-pending technology of transforming pre- and post-consumer fashion and textile waste into gorgeous upcycled colors. The colors are synthesized from a minimum content of 50% waste-based raw material, thus contributing to circular economy in fashion and textiles.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How FiberColors work and what shades they offer
  • What benefits they bring to your brand, your customers, and the planet
  • How you can use them to create stunning collections that are sustainable, ethical, and fashionable

How FiberColors Work and What Shades They Offer

FiberColors by Archroma are a range of five dyes that cover a palette of timeless shades:

  • Diresul® Fiber-Teak (brown shades)
  • Diresul® Fiber-Ochre (olive shades)
  • Diresul® Fiber-Maroon (bordeaux shades)
  • Diresul® Fiber-Slate (blue grey shades)
  • Diresul® Fiber-Graphite (dark grey shades)

The dyes are especially suited for cellulose fibers such as cotton, viscose, linen, bamboo, kapok, etc., and can be used in various dyeing and printing processes.

The unique feature of FiberColors is that they are made from pre- and post-consumer textile waste that would otherwise be destined to landfill. Archroma’s R&D experts have developed a way to use cotton and/or polyamide and their blends (with a >95% purity) to substitute the major part of the petroleum-based raw material usually used to make dyestuff.

The waste raw material can be any color and does not need to be sorted by color. This means that you can turn your own pre-loved fashion into your own beautiful colors, and create a complete collection including t-shirts, chinos, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts, and home textiles.

What Benefits FiberColors Bring to Your Brand, Your Customers, and the Planet

By using FiberColors by Archroma, you can enjoy several benefits for your brand, your customers, and the planet.

  • You can reduce the amount of textile waste sent to landfill, and help preserve natural resources and prevent pollution.
  • You can create collections that are unique, authentic, and expressive of your brand identity and values.
  • You can appeal to eco-conscious consumers who are looking for sustainable and ethical fashion choices.
  • You can differentiate yourself from competitors who are still using conventional dyes that are harmful to the environment and human health.
  • You can join the upcycling revolution with Archroma, a leader in sustainable color solutions for fashion.

How You Can Use FiberColors by Archroma

FiberColors by Archroma are currently exclusive to brand owners only. The dyes will therefore only be supplied to their approved textile mills. This means that you need to contact Archroma directly to request access to the technology and start creating your own upcycled colors.

You can also visit their website [] to learn more about the technology, the range of shades available, the frequently asked questions, and the contact details.

FiberColors by Archroma are a game-changing innovation that can transform textile waste into beautiful colors for your fashion collections. By using them, you can create collections that are clean, circular, and respectful of the environment. You can also upcycle your brand’s pre-loved fashion into something new and beautiful.