Pre-reduced Natural Indigo for Sustainable Denim

natural indigo

In an innovative move that promises to transform the textile industry, AMA Herbal Group, has launched the groundbreaking pre-reduced Natural Indigo PReR. Unveiled in Rajajipuram, Lucknow, India, this product can revolutionize indigo dyeing with its sustainable and cost-effective features.

The Innovation of Bio Indigo PReR

Bio Indigo PReR stands as the world’s first biochemically modified, pre-reduced natural indigo dye presented in liquid form. This pioneering product employs advanced biotechnology, embodying a significant leap towards eco-friendly practices in the textile sector. Unlike traditional indigo dyes, which are notorious for their environmental toll, Bio Indigo PReR offers an array of benefits that make it an exceptional alternative for global textile manufacturers.

Key Features and Benefits

Energy Efficiency: By eliminating the need for hydrogenation and electrolysis, Bio Indigo PReR cuts down on energy consumption, making it a greener choice for the industry.

Simplified Transportation: The liquid form does not require airtight packaging, which simplifies logistics and reduces packaging waste.

Waste Reduction: This innovative dye minimizes the use of chemicals like hydrosulphite, thereby decreasing the amount of hazardous waste and ultimately benefiting the environment.

Seamless Integration: Bio Indigo PReR is compatible with existing dyeing systems, eliminating the need for additional investments in new machinery.

Environmental Impact: The use of this dye significantly reduces CO2 emissions and lessens the burden on landfills, contributing positively to environmental conservation.

Economic Opportunity: By supporting natural indigo cultivation, Bio Indigo PReR helps create job opportunities in rural areas, thus aiding community development.

Certifications and Global Recognition

AMA Herbal’s commitment to sustainability is further reinforced by Bio Indigo PReR’s adherence to globally recognized certifications, including GOTS VII and ZDHC 3. These certifications attest to the product’s compliance with stringent environmental and health standards, ensuring it meets the highest industry benchmarks.

A Vision for the Future

Textile industry continues to face challenges regarding sustainability and environmental impact. The introduction of Bio Indigo PReR by AMA Herbal Group marks a significant milestone. This product meets modern ecological standards, proving that innovation and heritage can coexist harmoniously.


With its innovative approach and sustainable practices, Bio Indigo PReR can set a new standard in the textile dyeing industry. As more companies and manufacturers adopt this eco-friendly dye, the industry can look forward to a greener and more sustainable future.