World Textile and Clothing Exports

The total value of world textile and clothing exports exceeded 772 billion US dollars in 2013. The top product category in terms of value was knitted apparel exceeding US$ 224 Billion, followed by the woven apparel with export market of worth around US$ 204 Billion.  Other categories with high value of exports were cotton fibre, yarn and woven fabrics, and made-ups including home textiles. Cotton fibre, yarn and woven fabrics (excluding apparel) account for around US$ 67.9 Billion market while made-ups including home textile account for US$ 61.7 Billion market. However, the total value of cotton fibre, yarn, woven fabrics, made-ups and home textiles altogether is far less than the value of either the knitted or woven apparel markets. Manmade filament and staple fibre products account for around US$87 Billion market. A break-up of exports value in different categories is given in the following:

Code Category $US, Thousands
50 Silk fiber products 3,029,074
51 Wool Fiber products 14,076,499
52 Cotton fiber, yarn and woven fabrics 67,887,981
53 Veg. Fiber (excl. cotton) yarn, fabrics 4,026,531
54 Manmade filament products 47,524,447
55 Manmade staple fiber products 39,213,163
56 Nonwovens, waddings, felts, chords 23,694,020
57 Carpets & Floorcoverings 15,552,167
58 Special woven & tufted 12,428,479
59 Coated & Laminated Textiles 24,971,384
60 Knitted Fabrics 30,477,579
61 Apparel & Accessories (knits) 224,152,205
62 Apparel & Accessories (non-knits) 203,879,410
63 Made ups including home-textiles 61,661,027
Total 772,573,966

Source: ITC

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