Textile and Clothing Exports from Pakistan

The details of textile and clothing exports from Pakistan in 2013 are given in Table 1 below. Out of the total exports of around US$13.7 billion, the most notable product category comprises cotton fibre, yarn and fabric with export value of around US$ 5.33 billion. This is because Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of cotton and most of the country’s textile industry is based on cotton processing. The next most significant category is comprised of made-ups and home textile with exports value of around US$ 3.69 billion. Pakistan lags behind in the export of both knitted and woven apparels which are more value-added as compared to cotton yarn and fabrics. Pakistan’s performance in manmade product categories is also less than satisfactory. The country does not have a good indigenous manmade fibres raw material base. Export performance in the areas of nonwovens, coated and laminated textile fabrics is also very poor because the country has no strong base in these areas.

Table 1: Textile and Clothing Exports from Pakistan

Code Products US$, Thousands
50 Silk 1,825
51 Wool fibre, yarn, fabric 16,093
52 Cotton fibre, yarn, fabric 5,333,784
53 Other veg. fibres, yarn, fabric 2,140
54 Manmade filaments 30,349
55 Manmade staple fibres 418,173
56 Wadding, felt, nonwoven, cordage etc. 27,340
57 Carpets & other floor coverings 128,302
58 Special woven or tufted fabric, lace, tapestry, etc. 21,917
59 Impregnated, coated and laminated fabrics 12,663
60 Knitted or crocheted fabric 31,565
61 Knitted or crocheted apparel & accessories 2,105,321
62 Non-knit (woven) apparel & accessories 1,854,926
63 Made-ups including home textiles 3,685,485
TOTAL 13,669,883

Source: ITC

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